Top 5 indoor plants for your nice days

It’s true to say that “Adopting and caring for houseplants are becoming a vital role in modern life for endless reasons”. A collection of handsome green leaves will reduce stress, purify the air, make your house more beautiful and also prove that you are able to take care of yourself even while living with your family or not. Best indoor plants will make your life more dynamic, lovely and tranquil. So, do you remember the last time you grew a beautiful plant? If it fails, why don’t we take a better beginning with top 5 indoor plants included below. 

#1. Snake Plants

First and foremost, because Snake Plants can significantly improve the quality of your indoor air, not only for decoration but also better feng shui.

Some of great benefits of growing Snake Plants for your home need to be mentioned:

  • Remove toxic pollutants: This type of best indoor plant is able to absorb cancer-causing pollutants. Popular toxic air pollutants are known as Toluene, CO2, Benzene, Xylene, formaldehyde… This ability of absorption helps the top 5 indoor plants to work as an effective defense against airborne allergies.
  • Filter indoor air the whole day even night: Snake plants also known as a filter for your rooms. At night, he converts Carbon dioxide into Oxygen which makes us feel more comfortable.

#2. Aloe Vera

If you are looking for a best indoor plant that is easy to care for, Aloe Vera would be the great choice. This guy can be used for healing purposes and household decoration as well. 

Having an Aloe Vera pot in your home will make the soul safe and tranquil. Besides, this indoor companion is so useful from an attractive plant to relieve pain by scrapes and burns. Just remember to use the right type of container for watering and being heavy enough. A terracotta pot might be the good choice to prevent the best indoor plant from tipping over. 

#3. Chinese Money Plant

This Chinese Money Plant has so cute bright green pancake-shaped leaves. One of the top 10 indoor plants is really easy to grow. Chinese Money Plant is originally from a southwestern province of China named Yunnan. It is also known as UFO Plant, Pancake Plant, Missionary Plant…

The best position to grow Chinese Money Plant is just somewhere with bright light. It should prevent the leaves from direct sunlight. As usual, the tiny plant also needs growing in a container with drainage holes, well-draining potting soil and rotating at least once a week to have nicely shaped. 


#4. Air Plant

This is a little bit weird for the first time you meet. Sure, the Air Plant needn’t soil but an extremely little attention. He, the Air Plant, also known as one of most significant indoor house plant ideas. Strap-shape or slender shape leaves make the plant gorgeous. Unlike other plants, the Air Plant doesn’t have strong roots. It seems to grow on tree branches in nature. There are so many pieces of the indoor plants, most of them produce attractive, tubular or funnel-shaped flowers as well. To water, you can put them for about minutes, turn the plant upside down then keep it drained naturally. 

#5. English Ivy

One of the best indoor plants needs to be mentioned is English Ivy. All true Ivy houseplants need to take enough bright light, soi, excellent drainage. To fertilize, use water soluble and nitrogen-rich fertilizer. In winter, the Ivy needn’t provide food because of their dominant period.

Caring for Ivy plants is not only for fun but also for better air control. You can choose among varieties of Ivy houseplants such as Nepal Irish Ivy, Japanese Ivy, Russian Ivy… 

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